Open Systems Ltd.

Open POS System - Business Type

Open POS System provides rich functionalities to help various retailers manage their stores more effective, its' easy to use, flexible and modular design makes it an valuable tools for retailers nowsday. Below are the major business types Open POS System could help:

(with example of Our Clients)

Apparel / Fashion Shops
(Clothing, Handbag, etc.)


Cake & Accessories Stores

Complete Deelite

Computer & Peripherals

Wellent Computer

Cosmetic & Beauty

Fruits & Passion

Eye wear / Optical Stores

Vision Gallery

Footwear Stores

Adidas (franchise stores)

Jewelry & Watches Stores

Prestige Diamond Watches

Medical, Health Food Stores

Queen Mary Hospital

Pet Food Shops

Pet Pet Shop

Sport Wear & Accessories Stores

Lotto Sport

Supermarket, Duty Free Stores

Marcello Asia

Toys, Games, Gift, Stationary Stores

Hot Toys

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