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Open POS System 4 - Corporate Edition - Product Overview

Open POS System (Corporate Edition) is a Retail Management System ideal for Chain Stores operations. It is easy to use, flexible, and reliable. It gives you the ability to centralize control your retail Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Membership management at office, and let Shops focus on their daily sales and inventory operations according to office instructions / settings.

With the flexible and easy analsysis features, it greatly helps you more understand your business, improve customer services hence improve your competitive advantage!

POS System for Chain Stores

Product Advantages

Open POS System Corporate Edition is designed for Chain Stores operations, it's design is based on the experience and feedback of various retailers from various industries for more than 10 years. Therefore, you will easily discover that the system user interface is so friendly and the functions are easy to use, very useful and flexible.

It mainly consists of 2 sub-systems:
- POS System (Shop) Corporate Edition
- Back Office System

User Friendly

The system comes with very easy to use user interface to reduce learning curve and minimize things to remember. With the user friendly design, button-bar, and many user definable elements, it becomes easier for beginner and faster for experienced users. Normally, new staff can learn the basics in minutes!

User Definable to suit your business

Different business has different requirements and challenges, Open POS System is designed to allow user to define / change some area of the system to suit your own perference, those area include some data fields, screen layout, and even system behaviour, in order to make it more suitable for you business.

Office gains the "up-to-the-minute" business status

With the Automatic Data Transfer feature, Office users are able to gain the up-to-the-minute* Sales and Inventory status of all shops and warehouses. Even when the Internet broadband is failure, all shops and office can still keep working, when the Internet broadband is resumed, data transfer will be automatically resumed.

Flexible Inventory management

For the Chain Store operation, different retailers may have different logistic operation and requirements. Because of this, Open POS System supports different kind of logistic operations and applies it on purchasing, stock receiving, stock return, stock replenishment, and stock transfer, etc.   Also, it offers easy and flexible ways to keep track your warehouse and shop Inventory such as On-Hand Qty, Cost, and Price, etc. As a result, it greatly saves time and reduces employee overhead, and provides an accurate and fast inventory management for your business.

Easy to Promote your Business

Discount offering is one of the common way to promote your business. The system comes with flexible promotion features let you provide different kind of promotions according to various conditions such as Promotion Period, Purchase Qty, Purchase Amount, etc..., it may greatly help promoting your business regardless on normal days or on special holidays period.

Build Profitable Customer Relationship

With the Build in Membership (VIP) features, you may develop membership scheme, improve communication with customers, and offer membership discount, resulting in earning customer loyalty, differentiate your business from competitors, and increase profit from your customers.

More understanding about your business

Analysis ability is one of the strong area for Open POS System, it equips with easy to use and many useful analysis reports, you may simply use few keystrokes to perform various analysis on your business such as the best-selling items, detailed sales history, inventory status, detailed inventory movement, and sales performance of company staff, etc.

Build-In Securities

Most retailers concern about staff fraud and the system security. Open POS system has user definable and easy-to-set security that protect retailer against staff fraud and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

High Performance

MS SQL Server
Open POS System takes the advantage of SQL technology, resulting in reliable and high performance. Even power failure is occurred while system is running, data integrity will remain under control, therefore, data will still be useful after such failures. It is particular important for serious business and serious operations.

Scalable and Expandable

Open POS System can run on various hardware environments. e.g. for lower data volume, it could be run on simple network and hardware environment, while for larger data volume, it could be run on multiple server environments. This makes it best fit to various business requirements and budgets but to maximize the system performance as much as possible.   Also, thanks to its Modular Design, you may choose the necessary modules you need, and add appropriate modules while business expands or changes.

*Remarks: The speed and transfer interval of Automatic Data Transfer will be affected by the network condition and Internet Bandwidth of user.